Sookshm Information Services is an ITeS organization that utilizes the latent rural talent to provide quality back end services to the clients worldwide.

Sookshm Information Services Pvt. Ltd.

Sookshm Information Services (formerly, Sukshm Information Services) is a rural BPO company, founded by a team of professionals who had worked for various MNCs (mostly BPO companies) and the Government agencies. They share a common vision to provide our people in rural areas with ample opportunities to earn a respectable employment. We have a firm belief in the capabilities of our people and know that with proper trainings and guidance they will very well outperform their urban peers.

The founders, been born and brought up in the rural areas very well understand the rural demographics and the immense advantages offered by it. By developing the required capabilities in the rural youth, we wish to create a win-win scenario for both our people and our clients.

The "right" feeling on doing something substantial for our people, who have not been so fortunate is what fuels our passion and keeps driving us during hard times and sleepless nights. This would also present us with the numerous pleasant occasions to re-live our sweet memories all over again!!